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Fantastic Developments.

I have seen fantastic developments and improvements in the industry over the last several years.
After taking my first introductory flight I was instantly hooked. A very short time later I bought my own machine.
For a while now, I have been aproached by several other pilots presenting the concept of myself leading Australia into the next generation of Powered Parachutes. I have been looking for something different. Something strong and reliable, something comfortable and something jam packed full of goodies! Well now I am proud to announce that SUMMIT & STEELBREEZE has arrived in Australia, and you may rest assured that this machine caters for both the beginers to the advanced pilot.
If you would like to know more about the Summit, click this link to Summit International
The Summit & Steelbreeze Powered Parachute.

The Summit & Steelbteeze Powered Parachute distribution are around the globe. Locations including Canada, USA, Germany, Dubai, and now Australia. We  worked hard to establish the Summit as a fully CASA LSA Certified powered parachute in Australia.

If you have dreamed of flying, owning your own aircraft and undertaking pilot training. Please. contact us about a truly safe and affordable flying package.

Check out our pages then contact us. Come take a flight with us and see how enjoyable it can be to see  the sky in the Summit from
Australian Powered Parachute .
FUN way to experience flight

Australian Powered Parachutes.

Australian Powered Parachutes are proud to introduce the Summit & Steelbreeze Powered Parachute.
Summit Powered Parachute and Steelbreeze Powered parachute  presents the next generation of powered parachutes and offering features never before seen in a powered parachute in Australia.

If you are interested in the sport of Powered Parachuting, make Australian Powered Parachutes your first point of call. Our staff are all skilled pilots and will happily talk about their experiences and what you might experience in the sport when you purchase your own powered parachute.

Contact Australian Powered Parachutes for information regarding the sport of powered parachuting, including purchase of new or second-hand powered parachutes, pilot training, pilot mentoring, or even just finding a flight buddy.

Australian Powered Parachutes are proud to be associated with the Australian Powered Parachute Association and recommend membership of this association for access to other powered parachute pilots, membership benefits and other features available on their website by clicking this link to :
Australian Powered Parachute Association..
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Summit specification
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